iSpring Play

View iSpring content on mobile devices. Even offline.

Free mobile app created for easy viewing of iSpring content anytime and anywhere, even with no Internet connection.


Requirements: iOS 12.0+, Android 7.0+


iSpring Play


How iSpring Play Works

Any content published with iSpring and uploaded to the Internet can be viewed on mobile devices with iSpring Play. When users launch presentations in a browser, they are offered to open it in the app.



Content Library

Whenever a presentation is viewed in iSpring Play, the app automatically saves it in a convenient library. The intuitive content list helps keep courses well-organized and easily accessed.



Offline Viewing

iSpring-generated content can be saved on a mobile device, and be accessed even when there’s no Internet connection. Make your courses mobile-friendly for your employees or students who are on the go.



Favorites List

The most important presentations can be marked as favorites for viewing later. The app’s users can simply click the Star icon in the upper-right corner, and the chosen presentation will be saved in the list of favorites.



Full Screen Mode

iSpring Play provides a visually-engaging full screen experience, eliminating distractions so your e-Learners can focus on their studies. A presentation is displayed without browser panels or controls after the Fullscreen button in the upper-right corner has been clicked.



Tin Can Progress Synchronization

Internet breakups will not prevent you from collecting students’ results. When students take Tin Can-compliant courses in offline mode, their progress is saved and sent to your LMS as soon as their devices connect to the Internet.



Test-drive iSpring Play

Take courses on mobile devices both online and offline.


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